Welcome to Monsterville
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Welcome to Monsterville is the introduction of Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D set inside Gabrielle's house.


Mom: "Gabrielle! Gabrielle!"
Mom: "Supper's ready! Why won't you wake up?"
Gabrielle: "I AM up, Mom!"
Mom: "I've never seen her in such a deep slumber!"
Gabrielle: "Mom, I'm right here! Can't you hear me?!"
Lola: "No, she can't. Humans can't hear ghosts."
Gabrielle: "So, uh, am I...dead or something?"
Lola: "No, your body's still alive, so you're not actually dead!"
Gabrielle: "So, if I'm not dead...can I get back in my body?!"
Lola: "It's possible. Maybe."
Gabrielle: "Oh, I'm too young to be a ghost! What do we do?!"
Lola: "Let me think..."
Gabrielle: "Think faster, Lola!"
Lola: "Got it! Crystal will know what to do!"
Gabrielle: "Crystal? Who's that?"
Lola: "She's 200 years old! She's seen it all...and then some!"
Gabrielle: "200 years old?! Isn't that kinda old for a cat?"
Lola: "Who said she's a cat?! Anyway, follow me!"
Gabrielle: "Where are we going?"
Lola: "Monsterville!"
Gabrielle: "That...doesn't sound good."
Lola: "Never mind the name!"
Gabrielle: "I don't trust a place called Monsterville! Call me crazy!"
Lola: "Oh, we'll be fine... I think."
Gabrielle: "How do you know the way there, anyway?"
Lola: "Catuition, of course!"