Strawberry Dress
MonsterMix Clothing StrawberryDress
JPN Name ロマンチックストロベリー
Romantic Strawberry
Unlock MonsterMix Grade B
Stage 3 - A Mandrake Mission

Strawberry Dress (ロマンチックストロベリー Romanchikku Sutoroberī, Romantic Strawberry) is the fourth clothing item in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix. Gabrielle will unlock this item by achieving a MonsterMix Grade B rank in Stage 3 - A Mandrake Mission.

This is the default clothing item for Sporty Gabrielle.

Appearance Edit

Strawberry Dress is a white sleeveless, lacy shirt with a pink laced centered front. There is a pink ribbon worn on the collar with black flats. It is worn with a pink-and-gray plaid skirt with laces.

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