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Prologue is the introduction of Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D set inside Gabrielle's house.


Hi! I'm Gabrielle. I just started junior high!

Gabrielle: "Mom, I'm home!"
Mom: "Welcome back, Gabrielle! You got home quick today!"

This is my mom.

My dad works overseas, so it's just Mom and me for now.

But she's really organized, so we manage just fine!

Mom: "I'm baking your favorite muffins. They should be done in a jiff!"
Gabrielle: "Mmmm... I love muffins! Can't wait!"
Lola: "Meooowww!"
Gabrielle: "Oh, heya, Lola! Were you outside?"
Lola: "Meow, meooowww."

This is our cat, Lola! She's my best friend.

When I come home from school, we always hang out together. Er, well, Lola rolls around!

Gabrielle: "She's got the softest fur I've ever felt, and she LOVES it when I scratch her!"
Lola: "Meow, meow, meooowww... Purrrr... PURRRRRRRR!"
Gabrielle: "Lola! Your tail's getting in my nose!"
Gabrielle: "Heh heh! It t-t-tickles... Ah...ah...ah..."

Uh-oh! Ginormous sneeze incoming, Lola! Watch out!


Lola: "Meow?!"
Gabrielle: "Ah, sorry about that, Lola! Dunno where that came from!"
Lola: "In case ya hadn't noticed, my ears are kinda, uh, big. Sneeze softer next time!"
Gabrielle: "Yeah, sorry, Lola. Uh...wait. Cats can't talk!"
Lola: "That's what YOU think! Huh? Since when did you learn to speak cat, Gabrielle?!"
Gabrielle: "...Who says I'm speaking cat?!"
Mom: "Gabrielle! The muffins are ready!"
Gabrielle: "Hey, Mom! Did you know Lola can talk?"
Mom: "Gabrielle...? Oh, she fell asleep."
Gabrielle: "What are you talking about?! I'm awake, Mom!"
Mom: "Oh, she must be exhausted! I'll wait until she wakes up."
Gabrielle: "MOM? MOM! MOM! Can't you hear me?!"
Lola: "Gabrielle, your mom's right. Look!"
Gabrielle: "Wait, why am I sleeping on the floor?! I'm right here talking to you, Lola!"
Lola: "Well, part of you is! What could be going on...? A-ha! I've got it!"
Lola: "'re having an out-of-body experience!"
Gabrielle: "Uh...what's that mean?"
Lola: "Remember your sneeze that just about blew my ears off?"
Lola: "That must've blasted you out of your body!"
Lola: "In fact, there's no mistaking it! You're a ghost!"
Gabrielle: "A ghost?! 'BOO!' and all that?!"
Gabrielle: "Noooooooooo! I don't wanna be a Halloween decoration! Help, Lola! HEEEEEEEELP!"