Prep School
MonsterMix Clothing PrepSchool
JPN Name フレッシュスクールガール
Fresh Schoolgirl
Unlock MonsterMix Grade B
Stage 7 - Dark Devil Appears!

Prep School (フレッシュスクールガール Furesshu Sukūrugāru, Fresh Schoolgirl) is the eighth clothing item in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix. Gabrielle will unlock this item by achieving a MonsterMix Grade B rank in Stage 7 - Dark Devil Appears!.

Appearance Edit

Prep School is a Summer version of a schoolgirl uniform with a baby blue vest over a white collared, short-sleeved shirt. Complete with a matching beige, brown, and gray plaid ribbon and skirt. It is worn with navy blue knee-high socks and brown flats.

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