Cute Bob
MonsterMix Hairstyle CuteBob
JPN Name マシュマロボブ
Marshmallow Bob
Unlock MonsterMix Grade A
Stage 7 - Dark Devil Appears!

Cute Bob (マシュマロボブ Mashumaro Bobu, Marshmallow Bob) is the fourth hairstyle item in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix. Gabrielle will unlock this item by achieving an MonsterMix Grade A rank in Stage 7 - Dark Devil Appears!.

This is the default hairstyle item for Sporty Gabrielle.

Appearance Edit

Cute Bob is a bob cut hairstyle where it is cut around the head at the jaw, with a fringe at the front.

The face will have three freckles on each cheek, cute eyes, and a smile.

Gallery Edit