Witch's Brew
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The Witch's Brew is the first song of stage 1 of Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove set outside and in front of Crystal's house.

Transcript Edit

Walking down the path

Gabrielle: "How far away IS this place?!"

Lola: "Not far now..."

Gabrielle: "I still don't trust a place called Monsterville!"

Lola: "Well, deal with it. We're here now. You see, humans can't actually see the path!"

Lola: "Though sometimes a wayward human wanders in..."

In front of the Witch's Hut

Lola: "Ah, here we are! This is the famous witch's house!"

Gabrielle: "Uh, she's a... witch?!"

Lola: "Oh, I never mentioned that?"

Gabrielle: "Uh, no!"

Inside the Hut

Lola: "Crystal! You here?"

Crystal: "Ah! Greetings, Lola. And who might this young lady be?"

Lola: "Oh, this is Gabrielle! She lives with me. She's a human."

Crystal: "I can see that. Okay, Gabrielle, just lie down on this table!"

Gabrielle: "Uh... why?"

Lola: "Uh, I didn't bring her to cook, Crystal!"

Crystal: "Oh, you didn't?"

Crystal: "Too bad! My witch's brew is nearly complete!"

Gabrielle: "Keep me away from it!"

Lola: "Anyway, Gabrielle is still alive, but she's become a ghost."

Crystal: "Ah! An out-of-body experience!"

Crystal: "We must make haste then! Just lie down here!"

Gabrielle: "I don't trust that table!"

Crystal: "Oh it won't hurt! Much! I just need to extract something from you!"

Gabrielle: "NO! NEVER!"

Lola: "Crystal! Gabrielle wants to become human again!"

Gabrielle: "Yeah, that's all I want! Can you fix me?"

Crystal: "Perhaps, though I'll need more information. How'd you get to be this way?"

Gabrielle: "I sneezed, and all of a sudden, I was a ghost!"

Crystal: "You sneezed, eh?"

Gabrielle: "Yes, and now I'm like this. Fix me, Crystal!"

Crystal: "Odd, you must have inhaled some magic powder..."

Crystal: "I think I might have a solution, though!"

Crystal: "You should try to collect human screams. That should work!"

Gabrielle: "...Screams?"

Crystal: "Yes! Just spook a human, and you'll get a scream!"

Crystal: "If you collect enough, that'll buy us some time."

Lola: "That's why monsters and ghosts try to scare humans!"

Gabrielle: "But... I couldn't scare a fly, let alone a human!"

Lola: "Don't sell yourself short!You scare me all the time!"

Crystal: "I've got it! The Ghostly Groove!"

Gabrielle: "What's a Ghostly Groove?!"

Crystal: "A dance! It's the perfect way to collect human screams!"

Outside the Hut

Crystal: "Let's get started here. It's a prime location!"

Crystal: "Sometimes, humans will wander over here!"

Crystal: "Get your Ghostly Groove on!"

Gabrielle: "I still don't trust her... but this is my only shot!"